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The pandemic has been particularly hard for younger people, and we should acknowledge this.  Whilst the pandemic has been tough on all, being denied contact with friends is particularly tough for younger people.

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There is a lot of discussion about provision for youth. It is undeniable that organised youth provision from Wiltshire has been destroyed in recent years.  The redevelopment of the Sports centre in Pewsey removed “The Shak”, and the promised indoor wheeled sports facility that was promised in the development of “The Vale” campus was not built. 

I find this very disturbing.  Not only was “The Shak” a great social focus, it was a place where many developed skills and abilities valuable in life and career.

It would be nice to make rash promises about restoring these services, however, the current situation of Pandemic and Austerity being outside our control would make this a foolish act.  However, I do believe that there is much that can be done, and youth provision has been ignored by the current regime.

There are a lot of individual, groups, sports clubs and organisations in the Vale doing a lot of good work in the community for youth.

I believe initially recognising this and seeing how they can be helped and how they can help each other might be a small step.

I believe we also need to ask younger people what they actually want.  Their needs will be diverse, divergent and maybe surprising. (Example, I know of a computer coding club hosted in a library and run by volunteers that is very popular).   There might even be the possibility for big benefits with small input.  Once we know this we can properly target getting the resources to meet these needs.

The subject Wheeled sports facility  (or Skate park as most people would call it) needs to be dealt with and resolved.  It is one of those facilities that nearly everyone agrees is required, yet no one want’s it near them. I think this might need a fresh approach. Such a facility would benefit not only Pewsey but all youth in the area.

Having read assorted reports on assorted proposals two things seem to be a fact. 

A skate park has massive benefits.

It cannot be near a residential area. (This is due to wheel impact noise).

I am sure that there is a solution.

Policies Youth: Text
Policies Youth: Text
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