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Pewsey and the surrounding area continue to be reasonably well served by trains. It is hoped that the level of service will continue post-pandemic, however, no one knows yet what future traffic levels will be like. 

The current service follows a London-bound commuting pattern, however, there are now more "in-between" trains (presuming a return to this timetable, post-Covid).

However, there are still notable gaps in the service.

Early West-bound services are not fit for work or business. We need service at least an hour earlier than the current offering to allow the ability to travel for work in Bath, Bristol, and between.  Similarly, the evening service is quite patchy and not very friendly.

I also believe that a later service from London would be very beneficial. 

Over the last 25 years, I have campaigned for improved train services, and little by little they have improved, so I am hopeful. 


Pewsey Vale is not unique in having a less than adequate bus service.  The Swindon to Salisbury services is on paper a good service, however, it is outrageously expensive, and takes far too long. The connect bus services (AKA Wigglybus) is a fantastic idea hanging by a thread.  This service needs some sort of saving: Passenger numbers could and should increase. I believe that there would be value in a fast(ish) service from Devizes to Hungerford to provide a missing transport link.

The fundamental issues are structural and not entirely with the bus companies. We need to be more innovative, and I have ideas.

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Policies Transport: Text
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