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The Vale of Pewsey is a beautiful place. I doubt that there would be anyone contest this.

Hills covered in rare plants framing a fertile valley of meadows, trees and acres of productive land all leading to the River Avon. An area of outstanding natural beauty with the imprint of millennia of civilization with Barrows, ancient tracks and field systems. At the core the Kennet and Avon canal with boats drifting lazily by.

An easy journey from London and close to Avebury and Stonehenge the Vale should be able to attract tourists to see it's charms. The local partnership and the Great West Way have worked hard: the pandemic a temporary halt to their work, but the post pandemic potential is vast.

I will work with local organisations and businesses to promote the Vale of Pewsey as a destination, Tourism providing vital income, jobs and improving the vitality of the area.

Policies Tourism: Text
Policies Tourism: Text
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