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Litter, street cleaning and fly tipping

Littering and fly tipping would be the other pandemic this country is suffering from.  This is not just a local problem, but a national disgrace.

However, solutions can start from within the community.

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The dropping of Litter is not boredom, its indolence, lack of education, lack of respect, peer pressure. This is not unique to Pewsey, but a national issue - however, we can tackle it in the community.

A three tiered approach is needed. Find the reason why people think it's acceptable to behave this way. Educate to inform behaviour change, prosecute to enforce behaviour change and provide more bins to enable this change.

I would aim to increase the number of public litter bins, and ensure that these bins include recycling bins.  Many items littered can easily be recycled.   

A great number of bins were removed quite a while ago by Kennet District Council, and have not been replaced.  Some have been damaged or stolen and not replaced. Other areas that need bins have never had the benefit of a bin. 

Whilst there is a cost to this, if it reduces littering it reduces costs to society and wildlife and reduces clean up costs.

I would look to work with organisations and business to see if we can get sponsored bins.

I also believe that education is fundamental to help prevent littering.  Just telling people not to do something can have little impact if they can see no consequences. I believe that many people would refrain from littering if they realised the impact it had.

However, there will still be some who just do not care.  I would like to see enforcement, especially for persistent offenders.  This does have to be reasonable.  No good will come of criminalising small children or accidental litter drops - this is why education and actual bins are important too. 

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Fly Tipping

I would also want to adopt a more robust approach to fly tipping.  Successful prosecutions recover the clean up costs and act as a deterrent to perpetrators.

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Policies Litter: Text
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