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Interests and background

I have always been involved in the community. 

Working in the past as a volunteer at Jones's Mill, I have recently been involved with "Plant for our lives" and their amazing hedge planting projects. I have only recently become involved in this and have so far only been to the west of Pewsey.  I will continue to actively contribute and promote this vital cause.

Actively involved in Carnival on a Float team (Pewsey's Yet to Be's) which is massive fun.  Not just the procession itself, but the planning and building of the float. Perhaps proof I do not take myself too seriously parading around the village as a Circus Strongman, although I did have a sense of civic pride as the Mayor of Trumpton.   Previously I have assisted with marshalling most events several times,  and have taken part in most events several times. It's a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun.  We have plans to get our float out to other carnivals and promote Pewsey and the Carnival. 

You may find me wandering about the countryside (whenever commitments allow) enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of the Vale.  You may also find me having a refreshing pint or two afterwards. 

An amateur musician, and former member of the RSCM I have occasionally sung at assorted church services and other events.  I thoroughly enjoy Sea shanties and was singing them over 10 years ago - before they became fashionable.   I like that Sea shanties have become popular, any participatory activity that is inclusive, social and fun has to be a good thing.  It is also another good excuse to have a pint or two. 

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