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Our health and the health of the nation has been put into sharp focus in the last year. 

A fully funded health service is not only vital to the health of us all as individuals but for the health of society and the nation.

A healthy nation is a prosperous, vigorous, innovative, happy, and efficient place to be.  It is in the interests of civil society, citizens, businesses, and industry that all people be as healthy and happy as possible.  

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I think we can recognise that locally the primary care service had become inadequate. I would personally like to thank the hard work of the local primary care staff working very hard under trying circumstances. They have been innovative and have improved services.  I believe that there is more to do, and a key factor is ensuring that they are adequately funded.

I would like to see improvements in the following and will work hard to help achieve this. 

- Work hard to improve mental health provision for Wiltshire. I believe that we are at a level where this provision is so poor that many people are suffering and feel they can no longer continue.  This has to change.

- Halt the creeping privatisation of the NHS where all the easy and profitable bits are being chipped off.

- Ensure adequate and appropriate funding for our local primary care services.

- Work hard to maintain community care for the elderly and vulnerable so they can live and remain in the community they love.

Policies Health: Text
Policies Health: Text
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