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Families with young children

I was very disappointed when the Children’s centre closed. It can be very challenging with a young child

Admittedly, because of the pandemic, I do not know what services we missed. However, I do know what it is like to feel isolated due to full-time parenthood.

I feel that there might be a great many parents of children, especially those Pre-school who also feel lonely, unsure, or isolated. Not only does this have a profound effect on parents, but also on the child no matter how young they are.

Home Start Kennet does amazing work and I want to work with, and help them, in any way possible.  However, I feel that there is perhaps room for more. I believe that there are parents struggling that maybe do not want to contact Home Start, or that perhaps just need a group of people to talk with, to connect with.  I would love more local groups to connect parents.

I am lucky in one instance, in that I formed a very small but helpful father and child group. This has been very helpful in supporting the fathers, the children, and the mothers. I believe similar groups would benefit others in the community. 

Policies Families: Text
Policies Families: Text
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