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Over the last year there have emerged some hero's locally that have pulled out all the stops. Not only have they managed to keep their business afloat, they have often provided essential services to the community.

The future for local businesses will be full of challenges - however, I also believe it will be full of opportunities. We may see a fundamental shift in working patterns, with less commuting and more working from home. This means local services will be more important than ever, and should be poised to capitalise.  Online shopping may become more the norm for everyday items, however, this should make specialist more attractive.

I aim to do everything possible to bring maximum benefit to the local businesses.

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A new world

When we think about the local economy, we may think about the visible. The shops, pubs, cafes, offices and other high street services that we would visit. 

There is more to the local economy than that. There are hundreds of home-based entrepreneurs, farmers, growers, and those in agriculture, people supplying holiday accommodation - the list is endless. We should all pull together and make the vale a prosperous place, a place where people have good work opportunities.

I believe that there is the potential for amazing things in an area so full of people with ideas, skills, ambition, and a sense of community.  I would aim to do all I can to enable the local economy to flourish.

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Policies Economy: Text
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