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A local married father with a young daughter.

After a few year's break from community involvement to dedicate time to my daughter's early years, it is time to return to public service. 

Formerly a member of the Pewsey Parish council for over 10 years, including a number of years as Vice Chairman I helped achieve much for the village and the Vale of Pewsey. This included:
 - Saving the public toilets from being closed and demolished by Kennet District Council (as happened in Upavon).
 - Worked hard on preserving and improving the rights of way around Pewsey, many of those routes have become vital to our health (and sanity) during the pandemic. Hard lobbying eventually resulting in my successors on the Parish council being able to co-ordinate the installation of missing bridges and replacing broken styles with gates.
 - Campaigned hard to prevent the closure of Pewsey Leisure centre when threatened with closure.
 - Helped with the project to secure the future of the leisure centre: this later was adopted as the Campus projects.
 - Worked with local businesses and enabled early rollout of Broadband in Pewsey.
 - Assisted in maintaining free car parking in Pewsey when Wiltshire Council tried to impose charges.
 - Helped resolve the shortage of allotment provision. Helping commission new allotments, enabling smaller allotments for flexibility, designing the layout of new allotment site.
- Working with former MP's/Ministers and rail companies to improve rail services to Pewsey. 

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