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Your Village, Your Vale.


Whilst not elected, I am pleased to have given so many a voice. I aim to continue to represent you in any way possible, holding those elected to account. 

Meanwhile, I leave this site here - feel free to contact me to discuss any ideas you may have. Also, please see below for a couple of websites I recommend. 

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Something more relaxing

Time to calm the nerves - two websites that may help:

The world faces many challenges, and the solutions start within the community.

Alans Almanac - know more about the changing seasons, seasonal food, and recipes. Find out about events, what to look for in nature and on the farm, and feature articles from a wide variety of experts. 

Little Piece of Wonder - a blog about embracing the wonder of nature and the seasons and taking more time to get creative. Emma, Writer and editor, has produced a course on slowing down and embracing the wonder that we can access easily in everyday life. See the course on A Little Piece of Wonder everyday as an invitation to open up to change, to learn how to listen, to see life anew, to feel.   

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